It is with deep sorrow that I announce that Rain has passed away.

It's taken me week to bring myself to post this. Rain survived her ordeal and thrived, 

Her death came suddenly and unexpectedly on July 13, 2015

She had been sunning herself in the turn out and playing with her baby all afternoon.

She walked into an empty stall and just collapsed, dead before she hit the ground. 

Since her mother's passing, We have renamed the filly "Rain's Ivory Angel. " We feel that this not only honors her mother but helps carry on her legacy. Rain was injured before she could be trained as a show horse. Angel is the first of what was going to be several offspring that would be show horses and I think she will do her mother proud.

This website will be maintained as long as I am alive. My little girl went through a horrific ordeal and I feel that by leaving this here, so that others can see what she went through and how she came out of it other can be inspired to think outside the box and save their own horses. As long as one owner uses the information here to save even one horse she didn't suffer in vain.

RIP my Beautiful Lady, You were loved and you will be missed

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